Product Recommendations

The Product Recommendations Import Endpoint

https://{BASE_URL}/imports/recommendations?recommendation_id=[RECOMMENDATION ID]

All import integration endpoints use the same authentication parameters, please see Authentication page for more details.

Like the Product Import, this endpoint uses Import Queues to handle all imported data.

For Product Recommendations, you can define multiple integrations where each integration corresponds to a specific kind of recommendation. For instance you could model both Upsale recommendations and Other customers also bought recommendations. Note that these kinds are just visual groupings with corresponding labels, so you are free to create any kind of recommendation lists you wish. For instance you could have a Curated, hand made recommendation kind as well.

So once the integration is configured, you can POST JSON data to the endpoint.

    "products": [
            "product_id": "0001",
            "recommendations": [ "0002", "0010", "1234" ]
            "product_id": "0002",
            "recommendations": [ "0001", "0010", "1235" ]

So if the above data is POSTed to the curated recommendation id, then when you show product details for the product with id "0001", you will see the curated recommendations for "0002", "0010" and "1234". Any products that don't exist at the time of presentation will be filtered away.

Shared Integration Queue Parameters

For all integration queue import endpoints, you need to specify account, integration and apikey. Please read the Import Queues below for details about these parameters.

https://{BASE_URL}/imports/recommendations?account=[ACCOUNT ID]&integration=[INTEGRATION QUEUE ID]&apikey=[INTEGRATION QUEUE API KEY]

Deleting Product Recommendations

Send an HTTP DELETE request to the endpoint with a body containing a JSON array of Discount Campaign ids. Note that you will still need the recommendation_id query parameter to specify the recommendation category.

  "0001", "0003"