CSV Importer

The Ka-ching backend offers a convenient way of importing products to the POS. You can maintain a small 'database' of products in the form of a spreadsheet, and export this as a CSV document.

This document can simply be drag/dropped to the import window, and the import will initiate.

CSV format details

The CSV format does not have any formal specification, but instead rely on conventions.

The following details apply to our interpretation of the CSV format.

  • We try to auto-detect field delimiters and should be able to handle both semicolon (;) and comma (,)
  • Similarly for decimal delimiters. Note that you may not use comma for both field delimiter and decimal delimiter for obvious reasons
  • We use line breaks (\n) as row delimiters
  • The file is expected to be encoded as UTF-8
  • The first line represents the fields to be imported. More about this below.
  • Field values may be surrounded by quotes (") in order to represent line breaks in the data (for instance for product descriptions). In order to represent a quote (") inside a quoted string, the quote must itself be escaped with an extra quote ("").