Attribute Groups

The Attribute groups Import Endpoint


All import integration endpoints use the same authentication parameters, please see Authentication page for more details.

Like the Product Import, this endpoint uses Import Queues to handle all imported data.

You may post any amount of Attribute groups to the endpoint. Existing attribute groups are overwritten based on their id.

JSON Example

        "id": "geography",
        "name": { "da": "Geografi", "en": "Geography" },
        "attributes": ["country", "area", "region"]
        "id" : "further_details",
        "name" : "Further details",
        "initially_collapsed": true,
        "attributes": ["size", "weight", "color"]
        "id" : "hardwarespecs",
        "name" : "Specs"
        "attributes": ["ram", "cpu", "capacity"]


The attribute model looks like this

    "id": "<string, required>",
    "name": "<L10nString, required>",
    "initially_collapsed": "<Boolean, optional>",
    "attributes": [<attribute id>]

L10nString is a localized string.

The initially_collapsed parameter allows you to control if the UI should be collapsed by default. This may be appropriate for groups containing multiple attributes with potentially large bodies of text.

Shared Integration Queue Parameters

For all integration queue import endpoints, you need to specify account, integration and apikey. Please read the Import Queues below for details about these parameters.

https://{BASE_URL}/imports/attribute_groups?account=[ACCOUNT ID]&integration=[INTEGRATION QUEUE ID]&apikey=[INTEGRATION QUEUE API KEY]

Deleting Attribute groups

Send an HTTP DELETE request to the endpoint with a body containing a JSON array of Attribute Group ids.

  "geography", "further_details"