The Customer Import Endpoint


All import integration endpoints use the same authentication parameters, please see Authentication page for more details.



You may post a JSON array containing any number of Customers to the endpoint. Existing customer data is overwritten based on the identifier.

Please have a look at the Customer entity model for more information.

JSON Example

    "identifier": "1234",
    "name": "Morten Bek Ditlevsen",
    "street": "Hyggevej",
    "city": "Ã…rhus",
    "postal_code": "8123",
    "country": "Denmark",
    "country_code": "dk",
    "phone": "+45 12345678",
    "email": "",
    "additional_info": "Likes single malt whiskies and would like a taste.",
    "organization_number": "34355878",
    "balance": -500,
    "balance_overdue": -300,
    "credit_limit": 1000,
    "block_sales": false
    "identifier": "1235",
    "block_sales": true

Deleting Customers

Send an HTTP DELETE request to the endpoint with a body containing a JSON array of all the identifiers for customers that you wish to delete.

[ "1234", "1235", "1236" ]