Customer Specific Discounts

Customer Specific Discounts


It is possible to configure the system with discounts that only apply for a specific customer.

If customer specific discount are enabled, the Ka-ching system will ask for a list of discounts for a given customer id.

The response will be added to the list of discount campaigns that are processed whenever the basket content changes.

Options for the configuration

Like all of our 'runtime integrations', the actual endpoints and parameters for a http request can be configured in our system.

Similarly, the returned response can be transformed in Ka-ching before being passed to the client (Ka-ching POS).

This means that wether you prefer a GET request with query parameters or a POST request with a JSON body containing the parameters is less important.

But of course the integration becomes easier if the response already matches what our client expects, because then we can skip a transformation step.

Request parameters


The customer_id is the identifier of the customer (previously looked up using the Customer Lookup integration.

Other parameters available to the endpoint are: the current market and the currency_code of the current base currency.

Please refer to the Vocabulary to see the definition of a market.


The response from this web service should be a json-encoded array of discount objects - similar to those described in the Discount Campaign Import Endpoint chapter. But since the request is for a specific market and a specific currency code, it is only necessary to send new prices and the like for the specific market:

            "id": "0003",
            "type": "new_price_discount-single_product",
            "product_id": "abc",
            "new_price_per_item": 42,
            "name": "New price discount",
            "display_name": "New price discount",
            "priority": 80

In case you have an existing web service for returning customer discounts, we can perform some data transformation on the result. Reach out to us in case that is relevant.